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GRAPHIC CONTENT PICK OF THE WEEK: Lonmonster – ‘Batman Gates of Gotham’ #3

It should come as no surprise that Snyder’s Gates of Gotham would be my staff pick of the week. While it seems at this point that this has become a formal practice at Graphic Content, I swear it hasn’t. We’ve been flattering Snyder and Higgins for weeks now, and they just won’t seem to let up. Week after week Snyder brings the goods, and the scary thing…he’s only getting better. Gates of Gotham drags the entire Bat-gang on a wild ride into the past in order to explore Gotham’s criminal origins. Like any great cold case, the team is quickly discovering the mystery is far grander than they could have imagined, and it’s going to take a lot more than some simple detective work to solve it. Snyder and Higgins are giving fans what may just be the best final Batman story before Dick gives up the cowl and returns to his roll as Nightwing in September. Read on for the skinny…

WRITTEN BY: Scott Snyder and Kyle Higgins

”It’s Batman and Red Robin vs. The Architect as the villain tears through Gotham City’s first families! Plus, who is Nicholas Anders? The team continues to investigate the mysterious man from turn-of-the twentieth-century Gotham, but what they find may change everything they know about the city itself!”

Snyder and Higgins understand Batman’s character so well that I’m beginning to believe that they are the Capped Crusader and the Boy Wonder. Gates of Gotham brings readers somewhere they’ve never been able to go. Sure there have been a fair share of time travel stories in bat-history, but no mystery has ever spanned back to explain the origin of Gotham.

I’m not even going to bother talking about how good the writing is, because it’s evident. Snyder is a virtuosic storyteller, simple as that. The art is just as crisp as the writing, showcasing beautifully dark Gotham skyscrapers, and colorful polluted skies that surround Batman as he lurks on building tops. The only downfall, if you can call it that, (WARNING: you will not be able to unsee) is that for some reason the shading McCarthy does on faces sometimes make characters look like they have a goatee.

With the villain(s) revealed, things are only going to get worse for Dick as he falls deeper into the mystery. This halfway point should bring everything together by culminating the information of the first two issues, leading to some tight situations for Batman. It’s one last chance for Dick to show off why he’s the only one who could wear the Bat-mask in Bruce’s absence. So sit back, relax, and marvel as Snyder and Higgins peel back the layers of Gotham’s mysterious history.

“Batman: Gates of Gotham” issue #3 Drops Wednesday, July 20th From DC Comics! (MSRP – $2.99)



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