The Biggest Issue Of Greg Pak's 'The Incredible Hulks' Ever Hits Shelves This Wednesday! - Bloody Disgusting!

The Biggest Issue Of Greg Pak’s ‘The Incredible Hulks’ Ever Hits Shelves This Wednesday!

With Marvel shunning the gamma powered machine in the all new “AVENGERS” teaser trailer (C’mon. Even Hawkeye got screen time), and scribe Greg Pak leaving the series (and ending it) this Summer, you’d think he would be pretty angry. Well fans at least WE care, and inside you can read a 5 page preview of issue #633, which hits shelves this week. Read on for the skinny…


“Greg Pak ends his legendary Incredible Hulk run with his most explosive, unpredictable and revelation-packed story to date! For the past year, Bruce Banner has fought gods and monsters to protect his family and everything he holds dear, but now he’s up against the toughest foe the angriest man on the planet has ever faced — his own shocking desires. When a genuine wishing well is unleashed upon the Marvel Universe, everyone’s true yearnings are fulfilled. But between what we think we want and what we truly desire may lie a terrifying chasm — made all the more dangerous by Umar of the Dark Dimension and Armageddon, Warlord of the Troyjan!”

“THE INCREDIBLE HULKS” Issue #633 Drops July 27th From Marvel Comics! (MSRP -3.99)