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OMFG Of The Day: Majestic’s Bizzare And Sadistic ‘Humpty Dumpty’ To Get Comic Treatment!

Clocking in as one of the movies that I have one of the most savage of impulses to see is Billy Majestic’s upcoming, “HUMPTY DUMPTY”. The film is as bizarre as it is surreal, and if you ever wondered what would have happened if little E.T would have ever crash-landed into the arms of people akin to Krug and his gang, then you will lust no more. That being said, it is a pleasant surprise to hear that the film will ALSO be getting a comic adaptation with Majestic at the helm, which will hit shelves this October. Below you can get all the details on the book and some advance art…

WRITTEN BY: Billy Majestic
ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Jordan Joranov, Angel Dimitrov, Yasen Denev, and Venelin Dinkov
COVERS BY: Jordan Joranov

“Adapting the forthcoming feature film, two backwoods brothers ambush a landing party of extraterrestrial beings on their swampland, killing the males and taking the lone female captive. After months of torturous imprisonment and misconduct, she becomes impregnated by one of the sadistic brothers and dies giving birth to a monstrous, half-alien, half-human, egg-shaped creature with extraterrestrial powers, bent on bloody revenge — HUMPTY DUMPTY!”

“HUMPTY DUMPTY” Hits Shelves This October!



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