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SDCC 2011: Marvel Releases ‘Incredible Hulk’ Teaser, Aaron Talks About The New #1, Preview!

Just a few short weeks ago things were looking grim for fans of “THE INCREDIBLE HULK”. With the character’s most talented and decorated creative team of the past decade parting ways and ending the series, it looked as if the future was a bit hazy for the icon. All of that was changed last week however, as we brought you the news that Marvel Comics would be bring the series back under the not-so-clever disguise of a new #1 in October, with writer Jason Aaron and illustrator Marc Silvestri at the helm. Well with news still trickling down the clogged and overflowing journalism grapevine thanks to hurricane San Diego ComiCon 2011, we have not only several new images from the series, but also a teaser as well as a video of scribe Jason Aaron talking about the title straight from the convention floor thanks to Bleeding-Cool! Read on for the skinny…

WRITTEN BY: Jason Aaron
COVERS BY: Neal Adams, Dale Keown, and Marc Silvestri

“Marvel Architect Jason Aaron joins forces with legendary artist Marc Silvestri.” Official Teaser Video Premier For Marvel’s “THE INCREDIBLE HULK” #1

Scribe Jason Aaron On “THE INCREDIBLE HULK” #1 From SDCC 2011…

“THE INCREDIBLE HULK” Issue #1 Drops This October From Marvel Comics! (MSRP – $3.99)



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