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Chub Of The Day: Rucka’s Kick Ass ‘The Punisher’ #2 Preview!

The Punisher has gone through far too many changes over the past few years (including films), with few writers remembering that Frank Castle is a simple enough man. Luckily for us, Greg Rucka has returned to the Marvel mainstream to deliver a scary, dark, and killer new Punisher series that will absolutely kick your face in. The first issue set up this mysterious new Punisher as a quiet man, a ruthless man, a man with nothing left to lose. Rucka has stated that, at least for the first few issues, he doesn’t want any big arcs to start, but rather he will focus on the character of Frank Castle and give new readers a chance to jump in every issue. Rucka is one of the best in the crime comic business and this is the perfect place for new readers to find out what Frank Castle is all about. Read on for the skinny…

punish2cover WRITTEN BY: Greg Rucka
ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Marco Checchetto

“THE HOTTEST LAUNCH OF THE SUMMER CONTINUES. Hunting for the villains behind the Wedding Day massacre, The Punisher will leave no body unturned! With Detectives Bolt and Clemons on his tail, the massacre’s only survivor will seek the Punisher’s aid…which might be the worst of all possible choices”




‘The Punisher’ #2 hits shelves August 24 from Marvel (MSRP $2.99)



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