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‘Vincent Price’ Baby Thief?! Read The First 5 Pages Now!

The great Vincent Price was many things. He was a legend, and one of the most iconic faces in all of horror, even to this very day. He was a visionary who possessed a rare talent for fear that even Scarecrow would respect. But a child abductor? In this fictional sense it would seem so, as the actor’s image will be put into the character of a desperate man who could do the unthinkable in order to survive in Blue Water Press’ 35th issue of “VINCENT PRICE PRESENTS”. The ish doesn’t hit stores until Next week, but inside you can check out a 5 page preview. Read on for the skinny…


“A satanic cult has offered to ensure that Bruno’s sons enjoy a lifetime of comfort and ease. But they want Bruno to kidnap the baby of a famed aviator. Will Bruno deliver an innocent baby to a murderous cult? His sons would gain the world, but what would Bruno lose?”

“VINCENT PRICE PRESENTS” Issue #35 Drops September 7th From Blue Water Press! (MSRP – $3.99)

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