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OMFG Of The Day: Joss Whedon’s Ninth ‘Season’ Of ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ Begins!

The Eighth ‘season’ of Joss Whedon’s “BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER” was for all intents and purposes, BETTER than the final season of the cult classic TV series, which saw its run on The CW come to an end after 7 years with the network. Some would call the series “Another Generation’s Twilight”, but I have Colt .45 for that, and a proper distaste for its fans. Figuratively, of course. But I digress. The point is that the “AVENGERS” director himself will be getting back to his roots with Dark Horse Comics, and inside we have your first look at the title’s first issue. Read on for the skinny…

WRITTEN BY: Joss Whedon and Andrew Chambliss
ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Georges Jeanty and Dexter Vines
COVERS BY: Georges Jeanty, Jo Chen, and Steve Morris

“Season 8 ended with a bang when Buffy cut the world off from the hell dimensions and all supernatural influence. Great, right? Except Buffy has left her best friend, Willow, powerless, and ended the long line of vampire slayers, leaving her hated by the hundreds of girls who recently stood behind her. Newly relocated to San Francisco, Buffy can count on a fresh start, and focus on what she’s good at–slaying.”

“BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: SEASON 9” Issue #1 Drops September 14th From Dark Horse Comics! (MSRP – $3.99 Page Count – 40)



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