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AETERNAM Reveal Artwork And Tracklisting For Debut Album

Quebec City’s Aeternam is gearing up to finally release their hotly anticipated debut album on February 16th, 2010! Disciples Of The Unseen is a 10 track foray into an atmospheric, aggressive, melodic and Egyptian-tinged death metal. The album was produced by mastermind Jeff Fortin (Neuraxis, The Last Felony) and is for fans of Nile, Melechesh, Behemoth and even earlier Trivium – any metal head will definitely find something to sink their teeth into here. On top of the hook-laden guitar harmonies and solos are vocalist/guitarist Achraf Loudiy’s occasional clean vocal melodies; they provide a tasteful palate cleanser and provide an alternative for those who tire quickly from traditional death metal growls. This is particularly evident on the band’s first single, The Coronation Of Seth.

Read on for more! Fans can keep up with Aeternam on their myspace page: as well as twitter, youtube and facebook, all listed below.

Live footage from Aeternam’s show supporting Behemoth on June 29th of this year is currently up on their youtube page. The live track is Angel Horned and has one of the best guitar solos on the album!

Disciples Of The Unseen track listing:
1. Ars Almadel
2. Angel Horned
3. Esoteric Formulae
4. The Coronation Of Seth
5. Hamunaptra
6. Iteru
7. Goddess Of Masr
8. Ouroboros
9. Circle In Flames
10. Through The Eyes Of Ea



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