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SLAYER’s Kerry King Shares His Favorite Horror Movies

Nothing is scarier than the mosh pit at a Slayer show.

There are broken limbs flying everywhere, blood splattering and sweaty heavy metal heathens chanting the devil’s praises…It’s the most beautiful kind of metallic massacre, and these four thrash metal titans have been proudly igniting mosh pits for well over two decades. Their latest offering, World Painted Blood, only continues that bone-shattering legacy with more riffs blessed by Beelzebub himself and lyrics that nightmares are made of.

slayer kerry king

Slayer’s axe architect, the legendary Kerry King, sat down with’s Rick Florino for this interview about his favorite horror flicks.

Read on for Mr. King’s selections.

1. Nightmare on Elm Street

It’s hard to say what my favorite horror movies are because there are so many fucking good ones. For any given time, you might just brainfart one and miss a classic [Laughs]. Historically, for when the first Nightmare on Elm Street came out, I feel like it was cutting edge. If you look at it now, it’s kind of goofy, but when I was a kid and that came out in the theaters, I was like, “Holy shit!” It was just crazy. The things that Freddy Krueger did—he’d slice his chest open, he’d cut his fingers off, and you’re just going, “What the fuck’s going on here?” [Laughs] I remember having a shirt from that movie that I used in photo sessions because I thought the film was so cool.

2. Thirteen Ghosts

I like Thirteen Ghosts! It came out about the same time as House on Haunted Hill. I highly suggest this film. It’s cool! It’s got Shannon Elizabeth and the guy that plays Monk.

3. House on Haunted Hill (1999)

House on Haunted Hill is a really big one on tour for us. It’s a real spooky flick. I haven’t watched that one in awhile. Even the sequel, which went straight to DVD—I was like, “This isn’t going to be any good”—but I had to see it, and I thought it was okay! Usually, they just make one of those to make money on the name, but I thought the sequel was cool. For House on Haunted Hill though, the Richard Vannacutt character was pretty rad. I never saw the original though.

4. Sev7n

It’s probably not “horror,” but I’ve got to bring up Sev7n. Sev7n’s awesome! It’s just a psychological mind-fuck. I love it.

5. Drag Me to Hell

I really did like Drag Me to Hell. I really thought I was going to hate it when I went to see it, and I thought it was pretty good. Sam Raimi does do goofy shit. He always has, but that was a pretty rockin’ movie. It’s demented! I dug that movie. When it came out, I went and bought it and watched it. It’s awaiting our next tour, so we can watch it on tour.

6. The Grudge

This freaked me out when it was released! I thought it was pretty fucking trippy!

7. The Ring

Jesus…the hair coming out of that girl’s mouth [Laughs].

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