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SOIL’s Tim King Shares His Favorite Horror Movies

Tim King, the bassist of rock group Soil, took time out to share his favorite horror movies of all time with Bloody Disgusting. Read on to check them out!

Soil Group Photo

Soil will be kicking off their U.S. tour next month to promote their new album ‘Picture Perfect’ which is available in stores and online now. The Hills Have Eyes (Remake):

his has to be the best remake I have ever seen. It blows the original away. It is just an education in depravity and raw human nature. Between the scenes and music score, this movie gives me chills each and every time I see it.

The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre:

I was just a kid when I first saw this movie, but it gave me nightmares for a week. Even to this day the movie looks like a documentary. It looks so real. All those “wanna be” reality style movies with video cameras and shaky hand held scenes should take a lesson from this movie. It is what a true edge of your seat horror movie should be. The “grandpa” part knocking the girl on the head with a hammer is still one of the most disturbing moments in horror history.


Another one of my childhood favs, this movie was banned around the world in its time. A depraved psycho killer that scalped his victims and took souvenirs from the bodies. There is something about 70’s horror films that is just earie and disturbing. The way they filmed them and the gritty film quality just adds icing to the cake.

Halloween 6 (The producer’s cut):

The halloween series is my all time favorite horror film series. John Carpenter’s musical scores, Pure evil Michael Myers, and our hero Dr. Loomis all bring this series to the top for me. In this producer’s cut that is only available as a bootleg on e-bay or whatnot is an amazing take on who Michael Myers is and where he really came from. It is far superior to the watered down and non detailed version that made it to theatres. If you are a fan of the halloween series and want a truly original and intriguing view on the origin of Michael, check this version out.

Phantasm 2:

Everyone says that the first Phantasm is the best. But for some reason this one is my favorite of the series. I think it is the fact that Reggie and Mike are on a mission to hunt down and destroy the tall man and the route they take is a cool concept. The ending (as usual) leaves you scratching your head and pissed off though. lol

Friday the 13th series:

Ok, anyone who says they don’t like at least one of the Friday the 13th movies is a total liar. Some were pretty dumb and cheese, but the series has it’s moments. Part 2 is a must see. I feel part 2 is probably the scariest of them all. Part 6 Jason lives has it’s moments when Tommy comes back to confront his childhood trama. And I must admit I loved Jason X. The whole concept is a nice little spin on the “Jason legend”. Although only 1-8 follow the story where the others left off, Jason X is a nice spin off. And btw Jason goes to hell: TOTALLY SUCKS!

Near Dark:

Hands down one of the best vampire movie I’ve seen. Move over Edward…



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