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Kiyomi McCloskey of Hunter Valentine Shares Her Favorite Horror Movies

Kiyomi McCloskey, guitarist/vocalist of Canadian rock n’ roll band Hunter Valentine, was kind enough to send us a list of her favorite horror movies! It’s about time that we get a woman’s perspective! You can check the list after the jump.

Hunter Valentine
Hunter Valentine is a three-piece, all girl band hailing from Canada. They recently relocated to Brooklyn, NY in support of their new album, ‘Lessons From The Hard Life’, which is set to be released May 11th via Tommy Boy Records. 

Kiyomi McCloskey says, “I am certainly no connoisseur of the horror genre, but every now and then I do like to scare the shit out of myself with one of these great films. Some of them, I know are cheesy, but others are classics and will be passed on from generation to generation of sleepover/slumber parties.”
1. The Shining:
This film is a classic. I love it because of it’s iconic imagery. The creepy twins will stick in my mind forever as something that is directly tied to this film.
2. Let The Right One In:
I never liked vampire movies before this film. I love that it shows the human side of a vampire. The lead vampire is a young girl, which automatically makes you more sympathetic towards her. It also shows that vampires can lead a very lonely life, which I thought was interesting.
3. Scream:
Although it seems like a bit of a cheesy choice, I think the timing of when it came out has more to do with this one being a fave. Scream came out when I was a punkass teenager. Teenagers love horror movies. I probably went with my boyfriend of the week, it was probably in some shitty mall theatre and I most likely spent the entire movie making out. I do remember it being good though..the movie that is.
4. The Fly:
It’s gross in a weird almost sexual way.
5. Hostel:
The concept of this movie really freaks me out. The idea that there could be a club out there, where you sign up to simply torture and kill someone is a frightening thought.
6. Silence of the Lambs:
I am not sure if this falls directly under the genre of horror, but I know it’s the most horrifying film I have EVER seen. The scene where Jodie Foster is in pitch black looking for the killer still makes me cringe when I watch it.
7. Friday the 13th:
A simple concept: Cute girl running away (most of the time in the wrong direction) from psycho killer. Works every time!
8. The Exorcist:
Have you ever seen a religious cross used in that manner? It’s horrifying dude!



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