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Roadrunner Records Posts Top 10 Greatest Roadrunner Album Covers

Since early last week, Roadrunner Records has been counting down the Ten Greatest Album Covers in our 25+ year history at And the winner is… Type O Negative’s Bloody Kisses. That’s right, the first album to achieve a Gold certification in Roadrunner’s illustrious history has been chosen as the #1 Album Cover ever!  
bloody kisses
Voted on by the label’s worldwide staff, starting with King Diamond’s Abigail at #10, Roadrunner has run through some catalogue classics in both the music and artwork department, like Sepultura’s Roots, Nailbomb’s Point Blank and Fear Factory’s Demanufacture, just to name a precious few.

Also, please check out the contest Roadrunner is running here: One lucky winner will have the chance to win all 10 albums that made the list, so spread the word or enter yourself!
As an added bonus, the Roadrunner Store is now offering these albums at a special discounted rate..



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