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Linkin Park Announces The Release Of Their First Video Game ‘8-Bit Rebellion!’

Grammy award winning rock band Linkin Park have partnered with Artificial Life, Inc. to bring you their very first video game, “8-Bit Rebellion!”. The video game app will be available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad.

Read on for the skinny. When I first heard about the game I assumed it was gonna be a cheesy rhythm game filled with Linkin Park songs. I was half right it’s actually an action-adventure where players must free Linkin Park’s idyllic 8-bit world from the clutches of the evil PixxelKorp, whose corrupt agents have stolen the band’s music. Each level is different and is themed after each of the band members. During the game you must fight off PixxelKorp goons to recover the stolen music to become an 8-bit hero. Upon completion of the game you will unlock the never before released track “Blackbirds”. This is the first time a band has released a song in this fashion and along with the soundtrack is filled with 8-bit versions of their hit songs.

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