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Exclusive Interview: Michael of Vampires Everywhere!

Michael of Vampires Everywhere! was kind enough to answer a few questions for! Check after the jump for the rest of the interview!

1) How did Vampires Everywhere! come together as a band?
 The band was formed in 2009 in Los Angeles, Ca. I was looking for the right group of guys who believed in my vision. I wanted to start a band that both inspired me and motivated me. By chance I ran across Aaron Graves & Zak Night in Hollywood. I remember sitting down with them at the Coffee Bean on Sunset & Fairfax and posing my question, “Do you guys like the movie The Lost Boys?” It all spawned from that moment & our lives changed drastically after that discussion. We later recruited J_Killa for the keyboard/Synth position. I had met J_Killa months before the Coffee Bean meeting in Hollywood, while his old band was on tour. He struck me as an awesome guy and his skills on the keys were amazing! So there was no question he was the right fit. We rounded out the lineup closer to recording “Lost In The Shadows” with Alexander & David. I knew both of these guys from past projects in Florida. Both Alexander & David toured nationally and have amazing chops, so it was a no brainer to allow them access into our dark world. We had some minor kinks along the way, but this is the lineup that felt right & the one I felt most comfortable with.

2) What are your musical influences?
 A blend of Hardcore, Screamo, Dark Pop, & Dance. We didn’t want to stick with one thing and be stigmatized by that our whole career. So we took all of our favorite genres & fused them together. I have played in many bands & this is the only band I have ever played with that could pull such a feat off and make it sound good. I feel lucky to be playing with these guys.
3) Tell our readers a bit about your upcoming debut album.
We will be entering the studio with Fred Archambault. I can’t give you too many details except were super amped to be working with him and we have been demoing a lot. We have so many ideas pouring out of us and were excited to lay them down. 
4) What do you hope the future holds for Vampires Everywhere? 
 We would love to stay true to our ideals & have an amazing career playing music. We hope to connect with as many fans as possible and hopefully we will change a few lives along the way.



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