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Roadrunner Records Posts Top 10 Greatest Roadrunner Music Videos



Direct from the awesome crew over at Roadrunner Records:

Whether making memorable moments, pushing the envelope with explicit imagery, cinematic technology, or just telling the gripping tale of well-thought-out storylines, music videos have always been a beacon of expression, which is why we took a look at the killer videos in Roadrunner’s long history to find ten of our most unforgettable. Numbers 10 – 6 showcased everything from the late Peter Steele playing a stand-up bass as a regular 4 string to Corey Taylor unmasked and playing the lead in a twisted short film, and now as we reveal our top 5, we get some insight from our Head of Video Promotions and veteran employee Elias Chios in addition to the bands in question, on the cinematic excellence, groundbreaking creativity and overall bad-ass entertainment of our past and present music videos. From the viral strength of DragonForce’s Sam Totman chugging a beer while Herman Li shreds through Killswitch Engage’s Adam. D. playing a fair maiden, to Slipknot destroying a house in Iowa, we give you our global staff-approved Greatest Music Videos. The list from 10 to 1 (Click on any video to watch it directly on YouTube):


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