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Album Review: Deftones’ ‘Diamond Eyes’



Deftones started playing music way back in 1988 and released their first album in 1995. Since their start they have always wanted to be different from the rest and make awesome music. I feel this is a true statement. Yesterday their sixth full length “Diamond Eyes” has finally come out and I couldn’t be more impressed. Heavy, fierce, atmospheric and dare I say pretty? Read past the break for my review!

The album opens with the the title track “Diamond Eyes” which isn’t a song I expected to be an album opener but it couldn’t be more perfect. It’s definitely in Deftones fashion similar to other openers like “Hole In The Earth” and “Feiticeira” but with a little more substance and a way catchier chorus. The next couple songs get progressively heavier, “Royal”  being one of them in particular. The song sounds like it could have been a b-side to “Around The Fur”. As I listen more to the album I start to notice the growth in their lyrics as well as their music. The next few songs flow really well and are super catchy and something you can lay back too. “You’ve Seen The Butcher” is equally as heavy as well as calm. This song is a prime example of their growth and how well they can make a story out of a song.

“Rocket Skates” is without a doubt my favorite track off the album. It is so angry and violent and Chino’s voice goes from psychotic to wounded throughout the whole song. From here the album gets a little slower but doesn’t get boring especially on the song “976-EVIL”. The song is probably one of the best crush/love songs ever made. It’s got the insecurity/risk taking that goes into liking someone. In a way it’s kind of heartwarming.

This is the first album without longtime bassist Chi Cheng due to him being in a coma from a severe car accident, but Sergio Vega of former post-hardcore act Quicksand kept up with the Deftones’ sound and did an excellent job considering the shoes he had to fill. The album as a whole sounds like the bastard child of “White Pony” and “Around The Fur” and has definitely become a candidate for album of the year. This is a great album for both hardcore Deftones fans and for ones who are kind of into them and ones who have never listened to the Deftones before. If you’re not doing anything go buy this album now.

4.5 out of 5 skulls


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