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I Declare War’s Jonathan Huber Shares His Top 10 Horror Movies

Jonathan Huber, vocalist of I Declare War, was kind enough to shoot us his Top 10 Horror movie list. I’ll say this, the guy knows his stuff and has some really great picks in there!

I Declare War’s ‘Malevolence’ is coming out June 8th from Artery/Razor & Tie Recordings. 

1) Dog Solders – I have always been more of a werewolf buff then a zombie or vampire fan. Although it seems like most werewolf movies always fall short in some way or another. This movie finally got it right. I remember watching it & thinking it was simply amazing. It’s a foreign film from the U.K. The quality of the costumes is unreal. They did such a good job with capturing how a werewolf should look. The gore in this movie is awesome but not too over the top. Funny thing is I saw this movie after a local hardcore band had a song called “Dog Solders” & when I found out what it was about I had to check it out. Needless to say it is an awesome movie.
2) High Tension – This movie is brutal & twisted beyond belief. It threw me for a loop when I first saw it. It seems people from other countries have a far better idea of how to make a horror/gore movie stand out. It makes it even more amazing that this film has a female hero/villain. Which shows anyone that women are as diabolical as men.
3) Cannibal Holocaust – I saw this movie in high school & I was shocked & disgusted by it. A friend loaned it to me & said “this movie is fucked up beyond belief.” I laughed & shrugged it off. The thing about this movie is that it was banned in over 20 countries for some time due to the fact that some of the footage was believed to be real & not staged. Plus it has one of the most messed up scenes for any male to watch. This movie will give you chills & never make you want to go to the Amazon.
4) Frailty – This movie may not be quite horror but more like a thriller/suspense but it makes you realize how dangerous religion can be. People have done some awful things in the name of religion. Burning people alive, forms of torture, etc all in the name of god. The disturbing thing is that even in today’s world we still have people that feel they have Divine power to kill others.
5) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (The Original) – This movie set in motion the whole gore genre in my opinion. It was made in the 1970’s with a low budget & came out to be a masterpiece. The simple idea of your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere & then being subject to a man with a skin mask wielding a chainsaw. Disemboweling your friends while you watch helplessly. The other thing that makes this movie amazing is how demented it is. The scene where the family is sitting at the table for dinner & the grandpa is sucking on the girls finger makes me feel disgusted in one of the most perverse ways possible.
6) Deliverance – What can be said about this movie that hasn’t been said before. You are out in the woods camping, hiking, swimming, etc then are stumbled upon by some back wood inbred hillbillies. That want to do some sick & depraved things to you. While can do nothing but watch in horror. I know anytime I go out in the woods fishing or camping I still get the overwhelming feeling that I am being watched. & I always keep my guard up.
7) House Of A 1,000 Corpses – This movie is as messed & gory as they come. Similar scenario to the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. You are driving cross country with friends & somehow breakdown. Then you fall victim to a sadistic, perverted family. Who want nothing more to torture you till you beg to have them end your life. I love it how in this movie after watching it you feel like you need to take a shower. Because of how dirty the people in the family look & how they live in filth. Kudos to Rob Zombie on this film.
8) Teeth – What more can be said about this movie. Who ever came up with the plot either hates men or hates male anatomy. When I decided to rent this movie at the local video store I was leery of it. Because, I had already heard about it from friends. So, needless to say I was aware of what I was about to witness in some sense. As I watched this movie I literally had to walk out on a scene because it was too unbearable to watch. If, you are a guy & value your manhood. Just hope that this isn’t something that can actually happen. Otherwise we are all screwed. Hahaha
9) Bundy – Well, if you don’t at least know who Ted Bundy was you are a fool. He was one of the world’s most infamous serial killers & this movie documents most of his life. This movie is sick & disgusting in many ways. While this movie is low budgeted it still packs a punch into the viewer. Of how Ted Bundy was a committed his crimes. Ted Bundy was not only a mass murderer but a hometown legend for us. He came from the great state of Washington. He was also a genius & managed to escape the authorities many times. If, you want to see a good serial killer movie this a good start.
10) From Hell – Yet not quite a horror movie but how can you go wrong with Jack the Ripper. The world’s first known serial killer. & one who set in motion for things to come from future serial killers like Ted Bundy & Gary Ridgeway. This movie has some brutal parts but also has a big name cast to it. Therefore the acting is amazing in it & the director put a awesome twist to who Jack the Ripper could have been. I loved this movie so much that my girlfriend & I named our dog after Jack the Ripper.



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