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The Last Felony’s Seb Painchaud Gives His Top 10 Zombie Films

Seb Painchaud, bassist and lyricist of The Last Felony, has been awesome enough to send us his Top 10 Zombie movie list! Admittedly, one on the list is not a movie, but it was pretty cinematic in my opinion. Anyways, check after the jump for his list and let us know what you think in the comment section!

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1- Zombie (The fulci film)
This movie has a slow build to it, the first hour is borderline boring, but when the action kicks in and that awesome song starts looming in the background you can’t help but get chills up and down your spine. I was lucky enough to see it on the big screen for my first time as part of some Halloween festival.
2- 28 Days Later
Zombies (well, technically infected people) + Godspeed You Black Emperor = Awesome. That one scene where he wakes up alone in the hospital and they play, if I remember correctly, East Hastings from GYBE’s first album, I seriously think it is THE most powerful scene in movie history
3- 28 Weeks Later
I just love how this movie starts off with the plague contained, and shows how easily it can spread again. The part where they are all in pitch darkness in some parking lot and one infected person gets in, and in a matter of seconds they are all infected is a perfect example of that
4- Dawn Of The Dead (original)
A classic. The first 3 Romero films never get old. Notice the absence of Land Of The Dead on this list, and that is because intelligent zombies SUCK and defeat the whole purpose of a zombie movie!
5- Day Of The Dead
I had a hard time deciding if I’d put Dawn or Day first, I think they’re both equally awesome so I just went chronologically! 
6- Night Of The Living Dead
The original one, in black and white! First zombie movie ever, and set the standards for everything else.
7- Dawn Of The Dead (re-make)
The only reason this movie isn’t higher on the list is that stupid zombie baby. If it wasn’t for that, it would surpass the original in my humble opinion. The communication with the guy across the street, and the extra feature where you see his video diary, was my favorite part.
8- Zombieland
I was surprised that I even liked this movie. It manages to be a action/comedy zombie movie without being campy nor becoming a parody. And what more can I say than Zombie Bill Murray smoking from a bong!
9- Shaun of The Dead
I usually despise parodies, but this one works because it doesn’t just go from one movie to another with over the top stupidity like those Scary Movies that keep making for some reason. 
10- although not a movie, I want to include the plot/cinematic scenes in Resident Evil 4. best game ever! The plot by itself, with the original idea of parasites taking over the host bodies is great, not to mention it’s the funnest game I’ve ever played… by far!



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