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Aaron Crawford Teams Up with Scott Saw For Comic-Con 2010

Album artist Aaron Crawford (interview HERE) has teamed up with artist Scott Saw to create a unique collaborative print that will be available for sale at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con! Hit the jump to read what Aaron had to say about the experience!

Here is what Aaron had to say about the experience:
“Before I even get into this, if you haven’t heard of an artist named Scott Saw ( you need to go check out his work. His paintings will leave you wondering “what the fuck am i doing with my life”.
I only recently became familiar with his work through the power of twitter. We started chatting one day about collaborating, and long story short, WE FINALLY DID! It wasn’t your traditional collaboration, because we live 28736 miles away from each other, but with the power of the internet, and a few massive file exchanges, we made it happen.
He sent me one of his paintings titled “The Good Fight” and I basically went and redid the concept in my style, which is going to be made (by Scott) into limited edition prints that will be available at this years COMIC CON!
I’ve always hoped to be involved somehow in the Con, so Scott is sort of making a dream come true here, by having this print available at his booth. (#4632)
I unfortunately won’t be able to attend, but you if you are going, you HAVE to, I repeat, HAVE TO go check out his booth and all of the art that will be available there. There will also be a few other goodies available from yours truly.”
Make sure to check out Aaron’s website for some awesome prints!



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