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Exclusive Track Debut AND Top 10 List: Rattlehead

Los Angeles thrash band Rattlehead has exclusively supplied Bloody-Disgusting with all sorts of goodies! Inside, you’ll find the exclusive track debut of ‘Walk With The Dead‘ off of their second full-length album, ‘Tales From The Gutter’, which is being sold exclusively through their Official MySpace! Also, after the jump, you’ll find a ‘Top 10 Horror Films To Kill To‘ list with entries from each member of the band! Make sure to check the band out on their current tour (dates listed on the poster below).
Rattlehead is:
Nick Baranov – Vocals and Guitars
Francis Ausley – Lead Guitars
Shadow – Bass Guitars
AJ Stixx – Drums

Rattlehead’s ‘Top 10 Horror Films To Kill To‘:
10. Kill Bill Saga
– I know this one’s a little outside the box, but as the ultimate revenge movie, there’s so much killing, it had to make the list. I’d die to get killed by a hot babe in a jumpsuit. – Francis Ausley
9. SAW 1
Some might call it a bit overrated, but I think the novelty of the first one stood out. Made me daydream of random ridiculous death traps of my own, now if only I could score a license to kill… – Nick Baranov
8. Gigli
This movie was so horrid, with such a disregard for humanity that we regarded it as the ultimate suicide movie. That is how it made this list. If you haven’t seen it – don’t. – Nick Baranov
7. The Return of Texas Chainsaw Massacre
With a cast of A-list celebrities before they were ever big, it was quite amuzing to watch a gimpy Matthew McConaghew strangle Renee Zellwegger for an hour and a half. – Francis Ausley
6. Repo! The Genetic Opera
Where else can you find amazing vocals performances combined with live organ harvesting? Such a favorite of mine, we actually wrote a track about it on our album. -Nick Baranov
5. Hellraiser II
Not only does Pinhead speak for himself, we all saw that movie when we were around 12, and it gave us nightmares for weeks on end. Epic.  – Francis Ausley
4. Cannibal Holocaust
Perhaps the most disturbing movie we’ve ever seen, and probably never want to watch it again. But for some odd reason, it made us a bit hungry watching it… – Nick Baranov
3. The Shining
Maybe the most classic example of descending into a psychopathic killer, you feel just as insane as Jack Nicholson by the end of the movie. – Francis Ausley
2. L’inetrieur (Inside)
This french indie flick took me by such surprise, it almost made me want to quit the music business and become a full time abortionist. A must see for anyone with a messed up sick mind. -Nick Baranov
1. Battle Royale
Leave it to the Japanese… Hot schoolgirls? Check. Ridiculous array of weaponry? Check. Pointless manslaughter? Check. By far the most extreme flick I’ve seen. If Battle Royale actually exists – sign me up. -Nick Baranov



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