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Metal Blade Launches ‘Flash Back Fridays’ Starting With Cannibal Corpse

On Fridays, Metal Blade Records will be releasing a classic production video from the vaults on First up on Metal Blade TV’sFlash Back Fridays is Cannibal Corpse’s video for “Sentenced to Burn” off the album Gallery of Suicide, which was released April 21, 1998. Seeing as the label has been around for almost 30 years now, we have quite a bit of videos to go through and digitize for the rabid metal world to view. Be sure to keep an eye on, or simply follow us on Twitter or Facebook to find out what classic Metal Blade video has been pulled from the vaults. Have a favorite Metal Blade video you want us to add? Leave us a comment on Facebook and get your friends to ‘Like’ it. Video requests will be tallied every other month and videos with the most votes will be pulled from the vaults and added to as soon as we get our grubby metal hands on it.
Watch “Gallery Of Suicide” now on!



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