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Top 10 Horror Movies: Ill Bill ‘Kill Devil Hills’

Craving another Top 10 list? Look no further as Brooklyn, New York rapper and producer Ill Bill sent us his Top 10 Horror Movies! This list include some lesser known classics, several of which also happen to be some of my personal favorites, so I’m definitely digging this list!

Ill Bill and DJ Muggs (Cypress Hill) collaborated on ‘Kill Devil Hills’, out August 31st. There are already two music videos out on YouTube, but if you check out the list after the jump, you can see the videos right here!

The Exorcist – As a kid growing up during the 70s & 80s I had a huge
crush on Linda Blair. It wasn’t because of this movie though. The
demonic transformation & putrid shenanigans she displays in this film
are legendary. Often parodied & imitated but never duplicated, this is
one of the sickest movies I’ve ever seen, even by today’s standards.
Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Without Leatherface who knows if there’d
have been a Jason or a Michael Myers. This one inspired em all. The
girl on the meat hook, the furniture made of human bones, the laughing
dinner scene at the end, the unholy use of power tools. When this
movie dropped, it changed the game.
The Omen – My parents were screwed up in the head for letting me see
this movie. I was way too young to be watching this even if it was the
edited for TV version. The music alone was enough to give me
nightmares for years & nobody could tell me that the kid that played
Damian wasn’t really the Devil’s son. He should have won an oscar.
Re-Animator – Great concept that blended horror & sci-fi perfectly.
This was Frankenstein for the new millennium. Extremely gory & even
funny at times too but not in a corny way. Alot of movies tried to use
the same formula but never got it right. This one is the real deal.
The Gates Of Hell – My favorite Lucio Fulci flick. Seances, demonic
prophecies, teleporting zombies and the gates of hell literally blown
wide open by a suicidal priest. Great stuff.
Maniac – Joe Spinell as Frank Zito is classic. This one has a creepy
mannequin theme to it but it’s Zito & his awesome dementia that makes
this one of my favorites. That and a young Tom Savini getting his head
blown off with a shotgun.
Bloodsucking Freaks – This is one of my favorite movies of all time,
horror or otherwise. It’s a cult classic that delivers in every way
possible. Women in cages, human dartboards, amputation backgammon and
a host of other atrocities plus a midget sociopath with an afro are
just a small part of the fun. If you dig exploitation movies and you
haven’t seen this one yet, you’re not on your job.
Suspiria – Elaborate murders, a coven of witches and an incredible
soundtrack by Goblin make this one a classic. Dario Argento directed
it & I think it’s his masterpiece.
The Last House on the Left – Probably the best revenge movie of all
time right next to “I Spit On Your Grave”. And I’m not talking about
the remake either. I haven’t seen that one & I doubt it comes close to
the gritty and raw nature of the original. The faces of the goons in
this movie are worth the price of admission alone. Wes Craven’s first
and best movie.
Creepshow – I loved comic books growing up so when I saw this as a kid
it blew my mind. A bunch of short stories in a Twilight Zone kinda
format but way scarier. Just thinking about the roaches eating the guy
alive at the end of the movie still gives me the creeps.



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