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BD Exclusive Music Video: 3 Inches of Blood ‘Silent Killer’

Bloody Disgusting and Century Media Records have teamed up to bring you the exclusive look at the new 3 Inches of Blood video for ‘Silent Killer’, off their ‘Here Awaits Thy Doom’ album! Banned from MTV for being too graphic, Bloody Disgusting is NEVER afraid to show you the good stuff! Check after the jump for the exclusive video and let us know what you think! You can also check out the video for ‘Battles And Brotherhood’, which BD exclusively debuted HERE!

You can also check out our exclusive interview with guitarist Shane Clark where he talks all about his love of horror! Also, make sure to check out the MySpace link above to see some Canadian and Australian dates as well as some one off shows in Japan and New Zealand!

Bloody Disgusting And Century Media Records Present 3 Inches Of Blood – Silent Killer!

Shane Clark (guitars) states: “The concept of the song is about an assassin, so naturally we first thought of a concept featuring an assassin going around doing what they do, but in a style that is more influenced by movies that we liked. At first we thought about a simple performance style video but we’ve done that a few times and this seemed like a much more entertaining thing for us and our fans. Therefore, we brainstormed a bunch of ideas with Rick Podd and thought of our own killing scenes. I wanted to get poisoned and puke blood and vomit all over the place, and after that it was all in the hands of Rick. I really had a good time with the acting stuff; it was great to work with Chris Valago as well. Some know him as the Heathen from Zimmer’s Hole, he’s the big FX banana in the Vancouver TV & Film industry, more importantly he’s a good friend of mine so we got to sit and plan out the puking at great length, I’m really happy with how that turned out. As for the entire final product, I’m very happy with it, having everyone work together on something and have it turn out great is really satisfying.”



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