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Valora Release ‘Live’ Video As Motion Graphic Novel

The tale of Valora is told in a 5-chapter graphic novel, featuring our heroine, a kick-ass female character armed with a rebellious streak and a keen sense of justice. Valora has just released their first motion graphic video featuring Chapter 1 from the graphic novel set to a song entitled “Live.” The video begins in ancient Egypt, where a forbidden romance has developed between the son of the high priest and Valora, who is one of the queen’s bodyguards, and will end in violence and death…but not before a ritual is performed that binds their souls together for all eternity. The ritual involves crystal shards from a powerful and mysterious orb… An orb that our two lovers will spend many lifetimes trying to keep out of the hands of people who would use it for evil in upcoming chapters of the story. Watch the video for “Live” to see what happens in Chapter 1 and be on the lookout for the rest of the story coming soon!



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