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Jason Graves Speaks About Dead Space 2 Music



Jason Graves has been officially announced as the composer of EA’s upcoming Dead Space 2, the sequel to the 2008 smash hit Dead Space. An interesting bit of news that has come out is that Graves has composed a central piece entitled ‘Lacrimosa’, a concerto written for a string quartet that runs throughout the game. I have to say, that alone intrigues me. 

Jason Graves, Composer-
“The score really runs the gamut as you play through the game. There are much bigger and scarier pieces along with quieter, more personal moments to counterbalance them.  I wrote for string quartet to portray Isaac’s vulnerable side.  It’s quite the emotional arc, but of course still done in a very ‘Dead Space’ way.”
Andrew Boyd, Audio Director (exclusive interview here)-
“It has been a real pleasure working with Jason on Dead Space 2. The range of his composition is impressive, and his attention to detail never fails to amaze me.  His creativity, energy, and unique vision for the music has been key to establishing the atmosphere of Dead Space 2.”


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