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The Shadow Theory To Release ‘Behind The Black Veil’

The Shadow Theory is poised to release their first studio album, ‘Behind The Black Veil’, in the US on January 25, 2011. Born from the mind of Devon Graves, whose real name is Buddy Lackey (Deadsoul Tribe), The Shadow Theory was meant to be Devon’s own Frankenstein’s monster, where he sewed together a band from some of the finest musicians he could dig up (HA! Get it?). You can see who is in the band after the jump as well as the track listing.


Lyrically, ‘Behind The Black Veil’ is a concept album about a man who wakes up from one nightmare only to find himself in another nightmare, over and over again. It comes to the point where the man can no longer tell if where the dream ends and reality begins…or if he was ever really dreaming.

You can hear samples of The Shadow Theory at their MySpace. The Shadow Theory is:
Devon Graves – Vocals, Guitar, Flutes
Demi Scott – Keyboards
Arne Schuppner – Guitar (Complex 7)
Kristoffer Gildenlöw – Bass (ex-Pain Of Salvation)
Johanne James – Drums (Threshold)

‘Behind The Black Veil’ track listing:
1. I Open Up My Eyes (7:04)
2. The Sound of Flies (4:40)
3. Ghostride (5:32)
4. Welcome (5:02)
5. By the Crossroads (5:35)
6. Selebrate (3:17)
7. Snakeskin (3:48)
8. Sleepwalking (5:17)
9. The Black Cradle (5:15)
10. A Candle in the Gallery (3:57)
11. A Symphony of Shadows (7:55)



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