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Richard Christy Hosting ‘Holiday Horror Fest’: Exclusive Quote From The Man Himself

Metal drummer, comedian, radio personality, and all around entertaining fella Richard Christy has announced that he will be hosting ‘Richard Christy’s Holiday Horror Fest’ on REELZCHANNEL, this Saturday at 11pm EST. The show will include new and classic horror films, a Zombie Santa (what, no Possessed Hanukkah Harry?) and a visit to the real-life ghost town where John Carpenter filmed ‘Vampires’. 
Here’s what Christy has to say about this event: “As a life long horror fanatic, hosting a show like this is a dream come true for me. REELZCHANNEL is a big supporter of the genre with late-night airings of Masters of Horror and I’m so excited to be working with them. This show was created by horror fans for horror fans and I’m extremely proud to be hosting ‘Richard Christy’s Holiday Horror Fest,’ your television destination for all things horror and sci-fi!”
And here’s a direct quote from Richard to Bloody-Disgusting: “I’m a die hard Bloody Disgusting fan! Forget CNN or Fox News, Bloody Disgusting is where I get my news from! It’s the first site I check in the morning and I want to thank everybody at the site and all of the fellow horror fans who love this site as much as I do for keeping horror alive! Hope you all like my new show “Richard Christy’s Holiday Horror Fest” on Reelzchannel, it’s made by horror fans for horror fans!



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