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BD Music Worst Of 2010: Jonny B’s Picks

I didn’t really run into many albums, or even songs for that matter, that I TRULY hated this year. Then again, I didn’t really put myself in a position to have to face much of that. Rather, this list of ‘Worst of 2010’ is going to reflect upon several situations that arose this past year which shocked and affected me. Read for on my ‘Worst of 2010’.


The passing of Paul Gray, Peter Steele, and Ronnie James Dio

Each of these musicians was in a band that helped define a genre. Slipknot gave the masked band genre credibility in mainstream metal. Type O Negative was a musical tour de force that consistently put out solid music. And what can be said about Ronnie James Dio that hasn’t already been said? The man’s voice was unparalleled and his music was an inspiration to generations of burgeoning metalheads. 
The passing of these three musicians made 2010 a very sad year for the metal community.

Again, another shocker that seemingly came out of nowhere. For many, there is no Dream Theater without Mike Portnoy, as he has been there since the beginning. He was always the face of DT, the guy who loved doing interviews and taking care of all social media outlets. With him gone, many have wondered what was next for DT as well as Mike Portnoy? Well, it looks like DT is about to announce a new drummer but Mike is left hanging out to dry: Avenged Sevenfold has said that they do not want Mike as their drummer and even though Mike tried to rejoin DT, they chose to not take him back. Hopefully Mike will find a solid band that puts out some great music.
The medical issues of Behemoth’s Nergal and King Diamond
The illness of Nergal was a big shock to the metal community. Behemoth has long been one of the most respected and admired metal bands. The possibility that frontman Nergal could pass away was a tragic and terrifying possibility. However, through the power of the metal community, fans rallied and signed up as bone marrow donors all around the world and, luckily, a match was found. We can now only wait and hope that the treatment takes.
The sudden surgery for King Diamond was again an “out of nowhere” situation. One of the most recognized voices in metal, King Diamond has been the inspiration for countless bands over countless years. Said to be recovering fully, we can only wish King Diamond the best.
As for bad albums, the only real bad album that I reviewed this year was Dr. Acula’s ‘Social Event Of The Century’. With that, I close out 2010 and enter 2011. See you all there!



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