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Top 10 Horror Movies: Jay Postones ‘TesseracT’

TesseracT drummer Jay Postones has been kind enough to shoot Bloody Disgusting his Top 10 Horror Movie list. Filled with a mixture of classics and a few unusual choices, this is definitely a horror fan’s list! Jay was so excited to do this list that he even sent a picture of his home theater system! Check after the jump for the home theater system pic, the list as well as some honorable mentions. 

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10 – The Human Centipede: It’s so terrible it’s almost great. Ridiculous concept, although apparently it’s biologically possible!? Maybe this shouldn’t be in my top 10 horror films actually as it made me laugh more than anything.
9 – Hostel: because I could only watch it once. No other film has left me feeling physically sick or made me turn away, but Hostel succeeded. Proper grim.
8 – Silent Hill: one which kind of slipped through the net but is up there with my favourites. It’s a very dark film with some proper messed-up demon-like creatures. Grimmest scene is when they burn the police woman alive. Mmmm toast.
7 – Saw 1: The only Saw film worth watching, Saw 1 was great. Clearly done on a small budget, the emphasis being mores on the horrendous situation the two guys are in (and obviously knowing the unlucky one has to saw his leg off at the shin – yummy).
6 – Battle Royale: Maybe not strictly horror, more asian extreme but all in the same vein. Awesome film, awesome concept and has great replay value!
Click on image for larger version
Jamie’s home theater set-up
5 – 28 Weeks Later: People will slay me for preferring the sequel but it really is a great film. The whole sequence at the beginning of the film is one of the most heart-racing sequences I can think of. Hyper zombies chasing the shit out of Robert Carlisle having just mangled a house-load of people. Wicked!
4 – The Shining: A classic. Need I say more?
3 – The Blair Witch Project: I don’t care what anyone says, this is a great film and I remember it being the first film that genuinely scared me. The fact that you never see a ‘monster’, you could argue the whole thing was psychological. Either way, the ending shit me up!
2 – Alien: Ridley Scott’s original Alien film is one of the best films ever made in my opinion. The atmosphere the film creates is so deep and brooding, the set’s are so fantastic and the thing at the centre of it all. Giger’s Alien! Brilliant film, tasteful use of gore – all round masterpiece!
1 – Aliens: Although it’s probably viewed as more of an action film now, it’s my all time favourite film and I’d say James Cameron’s best! It’s a film I’ve grown up with and having just bought and watched the latest blu-ray version, it doesn’t grow old. Best scene for me is still the uber fight with the queen at the end and Bishop getting ripped in half. Classic! Love it!
A few films which didn’t make the cut but which I still love
Switchblade Romance
Cloverfield (is that horror though???)
The Hills Have Eyes
House of 1000 Corpses (and The Devils Rejects)



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