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Exclusive Top 10: Scott Borrereo And Erik Barath Of Misery

A couple of the guys from Misery were nice enough to share their personal Top 10 lists. Scott Borrereo shares his Top 10 Cinematic Zombie Attacks while Erik Barath shares his Top 10 Horror Movie Remakes. Their new album “Evil Is Crowned” comes out February 15 on Super Metal Records. Read past break for their lists! 

Scott Borrereo’s Top 10 Cinematic Zombie Attacks:
#1 Night of The Living Dead (1968)
   Scene: Bar-b-que’d boyfriend and girlfriend at gas pump getting devoured. Guess Zommbies like cooked meat too!
#2 Dawn of The Dead (1978)
    Scene: When the husband, in the apartment building, bites into his wife’s shoulder and then her arm!
#3 Day of The Dead (1985)
 arise     Scene: When the douche bag Commando leader gets semented by zombies and he tells them to “Choke on ’em!”
#4 Zombie (1979)
    Scene: Underwater zombie actually attacks a real shark…No C.G. was used!! Pretty impressive!!
# 5 Children shouldn’t Play With Dead Things (1972)
    Scene: When Orville (lead zombie) at the end of the movie, attacks director/actor Alan Ormsby…Great ending!
#6 Land of The Dead (2005) George Romero
    Scene: When a throng of zombies jump into the water and arise out of the water on the other side of the river bed.
#7 Dawn of The Dead (2004)
    Scene: In the beginning when the boyfriend gets his throat ripped out by little girl zombie!
#8 Diary of The Dead (2007)
    Scene: When the “Amish” guy gets bit and impales himself with a scythe through the zombie’s skull! Great kill shot!  
#9 Grindhouse-Planet Terror (2007)
    Scene: When Fergie’s skull gets scooped out buy ravenous zombies….that’s using her head!!
#10 Zombieland (2010)
    Scene: Woody Harrelson blowing away zombies while ridng a roller coaster! Pretty Inventive! 
Erik Barath’s Top 10 Horror Movie Remakes
# Let Me In
#2 The Hills Have Eyes
#3 The Grudge
#4 The Last House On The Left
#5 The Ring
#6 The Thing
#7 Quarantine
#8 Texas Chainsaw Massacre
#9 Dawn Of The Dead
#10 Red Dragon



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