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Exclusive Top 10: Bayside’s Jack O’Shea Picks His ‘Top 10 Killing Scenes’

Jack O’Shea, guitarist of Bayside, has sent Bloody-Disgusting his Top 10 Killing Scenes in anticipation of the upcoming Bayside album, ‘Killing Time’ (out Feb. 22nd). After the jump, you can see which scenes made the cut (pun intended). Make sure to check out Bayside’s MySpace for tour information.


Jack O’Shea – Top 10 Killing Scenes

10. Even though the movie was not so good, the opening scene of Ghost Ship where everyone is cut to pieces by a cable is pretty awesome.
9. Ash vs Ash in Evil Dead 2
8. Opening scene of Jaws where the late night swimmer is dragged around in the water before being eaten alive.
7. Scanners……Head explosion.
6. Clarence Boddiker’s lackey crashes into a tank of toxic waste and then stumbles in front of a car chase where he is hit and explodes into a liquid mess in the original Robocop
5. Nightmare on Elm St Freddy vs Johnny Depp… Pulled through the bed followed by blood eruption/ceiling flooding.
4. Pam discovers a room full of bones and chickens and tries to escape the house but is chased down by Leatherface and hung on a meat hook where she watches her buds get chainsaw-butchered in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
3. In Hellraiser when Frank solves the box and is immediately filled with chains and hooks.
2. John Hurt’s scene in Alien where the alien punches a hole through his chest to escape.
1. Lionels lawnmover through the living room scene at the end of Dead Alive/Braindead. So many dead zombies….so much blood.



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