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Exclusive Top 10: Sum 41’s StevO Picks His Top 10 Bloody Murder Scenes

Bloody-Disgusting has scored a Top 10 Favorite Bloody Murder Scenes from Sum 41 drummer, Steve ‘StevO’ Jocz. For some reason, this guy has an unhealthy obsession with baseball bats. Sum 41 is hitting the music scene hard with the upcoming release of ‘Screaming Bloody Murder’, which hits stores March 29th.

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From StevO, drummer of Sum 41:
Several of these involve baseball bats, even though I don’t like baseball!
Casino – Joe Pesci gets pounded into minced meat and buried alive with his brother. Could have been worse… They could have beat them with lacrosse sticks 
The Untouchables – Al Capone bashes some fat dude’s head in with a bat at a tuxedo dinner. Classy!
Inglorious Bastards – When the Jew bear bashes the Nazis head with a bat. It happens during a war, but he’s unarmed, so technically its murder. And entertaining!
Goodfellas – To continue with the bat theme, Billy Batts gets shoed to death after busting Joe Pesci for being the former proprietor 
UHF – In Weird Al’s awesome comedy, Conan the Librarian splits tardy bookworm nerd in half
Hot Fuzz – Tim Messenger’s head gets splattered open like a smashed glass jar of arrabiata.
Commando – Arnold rips off a steel pipe off the wall and throws it into Bennets chest, saying “Let off some steam bennet”. You could argue that this is self defense, and not murder. But it doesn’t matter, Arnold murdered the shit out of that Aussie dude!
Shutter Island – American soldiers turn unarmed Nazi concentration camp guards into minced schnitzel at Dachau 
Irreversible – This is probably the most disturbing thing I have ever seen in a movie. Some dude’s head gets bashed in with a fire extinguisher. like… totally bashed in. It’s gross. 
Rambo IV – Not just the best Rambo movie, but arguably the best movie of all time. The entire ending (starting with when he cuts the dude’s head off) where Rambo murders everything, is my #1 pick



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