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Exclusive Interview: Nick Miller Of ‘A Skylit Drive’

Bloody Disgusting has scored an exclusive interview with A Skylit Drive guitarist Nick Miller, who tells us about the new album, ‘Identity On Fire’ (order your copy here), what food he misses the most on tour and, of course, what the guys think of horror. Check it all out after the jump!

1) Tell me a bit about ‘Identity on Fire’ and what it means to you as a band.

–Identity On Fire means a lot to the band. All of us spent two months in a warehouse together writing it and it really brought us together as a band and even closer as friends. This made the difference in the album. Everyone put everything they had into it and the collaboration made the sound of the album. It is really what defines everything we have done as a band. We couldn’t be happier and more excited to share it with everyone!

2) Where did the album title come from?

–We wanted to think of the album title after it was done so we really understood the meaning of what we all just wrote and how it all came together. The album is about pursuing dreams no matter what it is and everything that comes with that, good and bad. Identity On Fire basically means creating your own identity and not allowing your self be trapped in someone else’s idea of yourself.

3) You’ve got tour dates scheduled pretty much from now until the end of summer. Any plans for a DVD or something along those lines to be filmed during the touring?

–Nothing is set in stone, but we love doing those things, so hopefully. We constantly have updates that you can check out.

4) Crazy question: What food do you guys miss the most when you’re out on the road?

–I’m not going to lie, I’m a momma’s boy and I miss those home cooked meals. There is a little place called La Campana and it is a tradition that every time I get home from a tour I go there.

5) What goes on inside the tour bus while waiting or traveling? Are you guys big gamers or movie watchers?

–We are definitely some gamer nerds and movie watchers. Most down time is spent doing those two things. That is if we aren’t out!

6) The video for ‘Too Little, Too Late’, by aesthetic standards, had a gritty, grimy feel to it that reminded me a little bit of the film Se7en. Are any of you into horror films and, if so, what are some of your favorites?

–The look and feel was inspired by movies. We wanted it to have a post apocalyptic, grimy, and scary feel. Kind of a combination between movies like se7en, The Warriors, and Mad Max. We do love horror films. Jag had Voorhies tattooed on his knuckles so I’d say he’s all about the Friday The 13th jams. Anything that scares us we will be into it.



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