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Exclusive Top 10: Hyro Da Hero Picks His Top 10 Horror Movies

Hip-hopper meets rock star Hyro Da Hero has hooked up Bloody-Disgusting with his Top 10 Horror Movies. Check out the list after the jump and also make sure to check out our exclusive interview with Hyro Da Hero. Hyro’s album, ‘Blood, School, Work, Death’, comes out April 3rd and you are definitely going to want to pick up a copy.

Hyro with Bloody-Disgusting favorite Rick Florino, author of the Dolor series.

Top 10 horror movies.
1. Vampire in Brooklyn – One of the first movies I’ve seen where the white man died first.
2. Saw – Someone had a sick sick mind to even think to create those contraptions. Very cool though.
3. Children of The Corn – Creepy little children always freaks me out.
4. The Lost Boys – Very cool movie. But the thought of white folks flying, chasing me and sucking my blood gave me nightmares. Plus ‘Cry Little Sister’ was a sick track.
5. Tales from the Hood – This movie scared the shit out of me when I was little. Especially the ending.
6. Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Texas repping in that movie so I gotta support it. Actually met the dude. Very cool. He likes Hip Hop.
7. Candyman – A brother popping up and whooping peoples asses. I loved it. But I was scared to say those words in a mirror after seeing this.
8. The Breakfast Club – Very. Very. Very. Scary. 
9. Jeepers Creepers – This was so not scary that it was funny. That made it all the better.
10. Stepfather – The opening scene was crazy. 



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