Marilyn Manson Is Back...On The Runway? - Bloody Disgusting!

Marilyn Manson Is Back…On The Runway?

It’s been a bit since we’ve heard any news from Marilyn Manson. The last I heard was the shocking news that drummer Ginger Fish left the band after for 15 years of dedication. Well, to quell the dry spell a bit more, Marilyn Manson was a special model for Yoshiki’s (X Japan) fashion show, ‘Asia Girl Explosion’ (sounds like the title to a really bad porn OR yet another over-the-top awesome gore flick). 

“When we came up with the concept for AGE, the first person I thought of was Marilyn Manson,” said Yoshiki.  “He is the fashion icon in rock’n’roll, and I’m very excited he agreed to be part of the show.”
Check after the jump for another photo of Marilyn Manson with Yoshiki as well as Marilyn Manson rocking the runway.