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Slipknot Announce Original Guitarist As Touring Bassist

Slipknot have announced Donnie Steele to be their touring bassist for all 2011 Slipknot shows, which encompass a lot of festival dates, mainly in Europe. Donnie Steele was the original guitarist for Slipknot back in the day, so the band felt that this was “keeping it in the family”, in a sense. Donnie will be taking over for Paul Gray, who unexpectedly passed away last May.

Now, Corey has been saying that he isn’t sure what the future of Slipknot holds. However, there was a recent interview with Joey where he said that the band will not die and that they will forge ahead. Regardless of trying to stay on top of that see-saw situation, I was under the impression that the band had decided that when they were to tour again, the remaining members would split bass duties. In any case, it’s good to hear that Slipknot have committed to moving forward.




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