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Do You Like Ronald Jenkees But Wish It Was Just A Bit Heavier?

YouTube is a rather magical place if you stop and think about it. It’s a portal where people can share untold amounts of creativity with the rest of the world without having to go through “proper” channels. People share their music, their films, their hopes and dreams, baring themselves entirely, leaving themselves naked to those who view their video. It takes a great amount of courage and hope to post something that is near and dear to your soul in the hopes that someone, somewhere, will connect with you.

One of the success stories of YouTube is musician Ronald Jenkees (YouTube channel). If you were to base your opinion of the guy on looks alone, you’d be very quick to change videos. I’m not trying to be a dick, but the guy looks like a hobbit. However, if you were to take a moment to give him a chance to share his music with you, you might be astonished. The guy is an incredible keyboard player who not only creates some truly mesmerizing tunes but looks so joyful while he plays. Doing this brings him the utmost pleasure in life. Below is my personal favorite, “Guitar Sound”.
Check after the jump for a link to a cover of “Guitar Sound” that is pretty damn badass!

Another thing that YouTube is great for is the people that take something and create something new from it (look at the Rebecca Black video I posted below this article). Below is a djent metal cover of “Guitar Sound” from YouTube user MojoJojo378 that I’m kinda obsessed with. Not only can you enjoy the video but you can also download a copy of the mp3 for free.



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