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Exclusive Top 10: GDP Picks His Top 10 Horror Movies



West Orange, New Jersey hip-hop artist GDP has sent Bloody-Disgusting his Top 10 Horror Movies and it’s a list full of classics, beloved by horror fans through the ages. His latest album, ‘Useless Eaters‘, came out March 20th on Run For Cover Records. Check out the list after the jump as well as the official video for ‘Neural Circuitry’. 


Check out GDP:

Favorite horror movies in no particular order:
1. The Birds – Hitchcock is the man, this flick is a classic
2. It – Scared the shit out of me as a youngster and Stephen King is a fucked up dude
3. Dead Alive – Great flick, great gore, great love story
4. Videodrome – Incredibly ahead of it’s time and incredibly eerie
5. The Shining – Jack Nicholson is the man, so is Kubrick
6. An American Werewolf in London – I got into this movie kind of late courtesy of Pistol, but I think I could watch this everyday and not get bored of it
7. Evil Dead – Needs no explanation
8. Night of the Living Dead – Zombies, zombies, zombies
9. Nightmare on Elm Street – What horror movie did more for insomnia than this one? Great violence and great psychological horror
10. Freaks – Midgets, midgets, midgets


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