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Exclusive Top 10: Frontline Brigade’s Bobby Alt Picks His Top 10 Horror Movies

Okay, who’s going to see 30 Seconds To Mars this weekend at the Gibson Amphitheater in Los Angeles? If you’re gonna be there, make sure to get there early to check out Frontline Brigade, who were personally asked by 30STM frontman Jared Leto to be the opening act. To build up some hype for these fine electro-punkers, Bloody-Disgusting scored Frontline Brigade drummer Bobby Alt‘s Top 10 Horror Movies, which you can check after the jump. Turns out the guy is good friends with Tim Sullivan (2001 Maniacs) and is dating Caroline D’Amore (Sorority Row). Some good people to know, right?

Flowers In The Attic:  This movie was my introduction to real horror. I read the book in seventh grade, and the movie is just so twisted.  Love it.
The Shining:  This movie always leaves me with white knuckles and boy does Jack Nicholson shine! 
Sorority Row:  Hmmmmm well, my Girlfriend Caroline D’Amore is one of the stars in this sexy horror film. Well done baby! 
Seven:  My second favorite movie of all time. This could happen, right?  Tell me what’s in the box.  It’s your wifes head.
Scream:  This is the real deal, this could happen. All those windows with the lights on inside. They can see you! Run Fo Yo life! 
The Strangers:  Three words:  Holy. Shit. Terrifying.
Funny Games:  I like both the original and the remake.  All about torture, torture!
2001 Maniacs:  One of my best friends Tim Sullivan directed this movie. It’s so fun and gruesome. 
The Crush:  Oh….. Alicia Silverstone!
Scream 4:  I’m excited to take my girlfriend to see it soon.



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