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Exclusive Top 10: Casey Ory Of Titan’s Eve Gives Us His Picks

Bloody-Disgusting has scored an exclusive Top 10 list from Casey Ory, drummer of Canadian metal band Titan’s Eve. These guys have been making a lot of waves, topping all sorts of charts in Canada with their latest release, ‘The Divine Equal‘ as well as getting ready for a full North American tour (tour dates here).
Photo Credit: Shimon Karmel
Check out Casey’s list after the jump and grab a free mp3 of ‘Becoming The Demonhere

1. The Exorcist
– No matter how many movies in this genre I see, nothing quite tops this one as far as how disturbing it is on a psychological level. A movie often imitated, rarely matched, and never quite topped for my money.
2. Hellraiser
– The imagery in this movie is as dark as it gets, and fantastically done.  Creating a mythology around the puzzle box was a intelligent move on Barkers part, and Pinhead and the ceneobites? C’mon, need I say more?
3. The Shining
Absolute classic! One of Jack’s greatest performances, creepy as hell on a psychological level, not relying on cheesy effects to get the point across. A masterpiece!
4. Nosferatu the Vampyre (West German 1979 re-make)
– Even better than the silent film for me. Nosferatu portrays vampires the way like them to be: truly cursed wretches, NOT sex objects for teenage girls to fawn over.
5. The Omen
– I am a huge fan of well done Satan themed movies. Great cast, a dark foreboding feeling throughout, and the birthday party scene where the nanny jumps of the house to her death, is brilliant.
6. Evil Dead
– Camp classic! Bruce Campbell! What else do I need to say? If you say you like the horror genre, and can’t laugh at it too, then you suck, end of story.
7. Night of the Living Dead
– Such a unique concept for the time, and so well done. This movie stands the test of time.
8. Cannibal Holocaust
– Shockingly well done gore! This movie disgusts people, and rightfully so. The gore in this film looks more real than most big budget movies in the last 30 years.
9. Nightmare on Elm Street
– The best of the teen slasher flicks in my opinion. Whatever you do, DO NOT FALL ASLEEP!!
10. Amityville 2 The Possession  
– Just so much more fucked up than the first! Prequels can be a risky venture often, but not this time. Great idea to tell this part of the story, I wouldn’t go near that goddamn house!



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