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Exclusive Top 10: Winterus Shares Their Favorites

Michigan black metal band Winterus has given Bloody-Disgusting their Top 10 Horror Movie list. Their latest album, In Carbon Mysticism, came out April 26th. You can check out their video for Harmonious, as well as their list, after the jump.
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1) Blood Creek – Satanic, German, Zombie, Nazi Movie.. Need I say more?
2) Survival of the Dead – I will always remain a Romero fan, he makes superb/realistic scenerios  
3) Begotten – The opening scene is God killing himself, and then mother earth coming into the scene to fuck his dead body 
4) All the Boys love Mandy Lane – Good slasher, one of my fav newest 
5 – 9 are just bloody and awesome…
5) Hatchet
6) Old Boy
7) Arachnophobia
8) Rec 2
9) Dairy of The Dead
10) Let the Right one in (swedish ver.) – This movie captured me and I do not support the remake.



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