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See What The Rock Stars See On Facebook In The ‘Venue C*ck Art’ Group

It’s Wednesday, so I figure a little humor will help make the week go by faster. Therefore, let me tell you an anecdote. My pal Jamie (drummer of Tesseract) took advantage of Facebook’s “Add any friend you want immediately to your group without them being okay with it” function. Normally, I get pissed off in these situations and immediately leave and block that group. However, this group is something so magnificent, so hilarious, that I had to remain a part of it. For, you see, this group is the “Venue C*ck Art” group, a forum where musicians, artists, and whomever so desires, can post pictures of the various male genitalia graffiti they see in venue green rooms across the world. Join the group at the link above.

Here’s a quote from Jamie: “As any touring musician will know, the walls of most backstage rooms at venues around the world are generally flooded with extremely detailed drawings of male genitalia. This page is here to acknowledge and appreciate the good ones, and SHAME the terrible ones. SHARE”
Check after the jump for the first of what will hopefully be many hysterical images. WARNING: if a drawing of a cowboy penis that looks like a melding of Krang (TMNT) and Audrey II (Little Shop Of Horrors) offends you, go away. 




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