Alter Bridge's Mark Tremonti Wants To Release A Thrash Metal Album - Bloody Disgusting!

Alter Bridge’s Mark Tremonti Wants To Release A Thrash Metal Album

Mark Tremonti, guitarist of Creed and Alter Bridge, has announced that he wants to record and release a thrash metal album. Speaking to ‘Robb’s MetalWorks’ in San Antonio, Tremonti has said: “I just had three months off while Myles was touring with Slash, so I figured it was a good time to get some music put together. I collaborated with Eric Friedman and Garrett Whitlock. All this stuff that I wanted to see the light of day that never really got used for Alter Bridge and Creed is what I’m putting on the record. There’s a lot of speed metal and thrash stuff in there — riffs that I had sitting around — that I’m putting on this record. So it’s definitely a heavier-sounding album.”

Knowing Tremonti’s style and his influences, I’m thinking that this could work and actually end up sounding pretty badass. What do you all think?