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Soul Control Reveal Artwork For ‘Get Out Now’



Official Press Release: 
Cross contra cripple crescent, SC lives demands the present. The boys secede again: throughout, above, and beyond it all. The thunder may be, simply, rock and roll, punk, thrash, drone, distortion. Less a cosmos, more a fist fight, the record battles with sense and judgment, other times without. Anthems with rigidity and a force towards resolution: music to bang your head to. Songs with low end and an encompassing trance: it’s not how you drive, it’s how you arrive. A 5 song EP announcing the present, cross contra cripple crescent!
Get Out Now” will be released on July 12th through Bridge 9. Pre-orders will be announced soon until then read past the break for their super awkward trailers for “Get Out Now

four. from SC on Vimeo.

three. from SC on Vimeo.

two. from SC on Vimeo.

one. from SC on Vimeo.


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