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Ozzy Osbourne Talks Influence Of The Exorcist On Black Sabbath

Ozzy Osbourne is no stranger to the darker side of life. Constantly surrounded with dark, gothic imagery that was heavily influenced by horror, Ozzy is now opening up about how the film The Exorcist influenced Black Sabbath in their early days. Check out the quote after the jump.


Ozzy Osbourne:
“The Exorcist is the one movie that’s had the biggest influence on me. I was in Black Sabbath at the time and you could definitely say that our music was dark and scary. People probably forget what an impact The Exorcist had when it was released in 1973. You’d hear about people passing out at screenings. I remember going to see it with the other guys in Sabbath when it came out and we were all shitting ourselves afterwards. I would say The Exorcist pushed us to write even scarier music.”
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