Exclusive Song Stream: Check Out Exhumed's 'I Rot Within' Here First! - Bloody Disgusting
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Exclusive Song Stream: Check Out Exhumed’s ‘I Rot Within’ Here First!



It’s been eight long years since goregrind masters Exhumed have released a new original album, their last being Anatomy Is Destiny. Well my lovely metalheads, the time has come for Exhumed to dish out a whole new level of pain with the upcoming All Guts, No Glory, which comes out July 5th. To mark this occasion, we’ve scored an exclusive song stream of I Rot Within for your listening pleasure. Check it out, along with some other exclusive information, after the jump.


Exhumed – I Rot Within

Creating the cover for “All Guts, No Glory” was by far the most fun we’ve had doing a photo shoot. We enlisted the help of Caleb Schneider (who plays bass w/Danny and Leon in our grinding label- mates Murder Construct and also in the excellent Bad Acid Trip) and his roommate Dirk Rogers (also in Bad Acid Trip – by the way, Danny recorded the drums for their new album, which is a great mix of Napalm Death and the Dead Kennedys – you should definitely check it out!) who both work in the special effects industry. Sawa, the photographer came highly recommended by Leon, having done a lot of Suicide Girls shoots and also band stuff as well. She was super friendly and excited about using all of the great props, and most importantly to me, very organized and able to coordinate four idiots (that’d be us) a shit-load of props and make-up effects, and a bunch of our friends as zombie extras.
Dirk and Caleb both work in the special effects industry, and Dirk’s backyard is literally full of props from years of working in the business – the place looks like a fucking haunted house. There were tons of places to look totally menacing and metal – a huge tree with corpses all over the trunk, cobwebbed alcoves, coffins, and musty, dilapidated sheds that would make Leatherface’s family feel right at home. And most importantly, we had a lot of beer on hand. We quickly worked through the “live” band shots with all four of us, and then moved to the individual band member shots, with each person heading to make-up as soon as their individual shots were done. Dirk and Caleb were true pros, tackling the zombie makeup two at a time and we were looking like proper flesh hungry zombies ready for anything Romero could imagine. Applying the zombie make-up took about 45 minutes per person, and as we finished the individual “live” shots, we started doing individual “dead” shots with the coffin. Like I said, Sawa was really organized and efficient and wrangled us into a state resembling productivity in excellent fashion. By the time all four of us were properly zombified, the extras (a bunch of friends of ours from the LA area) were masked and bloodied, we were already having a blast.
The original concept was that the band would be the focal point of the cover, but Relapse felt it was a bit dicey to do that and that we were in danger of looking like GWAR / Lordi / some sort of Death Metal Kiss (and in fact, Kiss was a big part of the inspiration of the idea to be honest), so we changed the concept to be a pit of zombies eating each other with us in the pit. In the end, compositionally the pit would be kind of a non-image, and would have been very hard to make anything distinct and recognizable , so as we were shooting, it became clear that we were veering right back to the original concept – largely because of the fact that it would simply look better and also because our makeup was so much cooler than everyone else’s (due to time / personnel / financial constraints, it would have been prohibitive to make up all the extras as thoroughly as we were) that it would be foolish not to showcase it. The end result captured not only all the gross, grisly madness that’s at the heart of our imagery, but also the sense of humor that keeps us enjoying the music and gore and most importantly each other as people, musicians, and ultimately friends. It was a great day, and a great time. I hope that you guys enjoy the art as much as we enjoyed creating it.
You can pre-order one of many different editions (including a BADASS saw blade LP) of All Guts, No Glory HERE.


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