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Exclusive Top 10: Kyo of Dir En Grey Picks His Favorites

Bloody-Disgusting has scored an exclusive Top 10 Horror Movie list from Kyo, the singer of Japanese metal band Dir en grey! The guys are set to release their new album, Dum Spiro Spero (information here), so make sure to pre-order your copy! Meanwhile, check out Kyo’s list after the jump.


Horror Films TOP 10 selected by Kyo:
It was really hard to rank these films… 
1. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Cute
2. Dawn of the Dead – I want that rifle!
3. 28 Weeks Later – Everyone is so fast…
4. Hostel – Makes me laugh
5. Geomeun jip (aka Black House) – The spray is useful
6. I Saw The Devil – Angel is not needed
7. The Devil’s Rejects – The older brother is the coolest
8. Drag Me to Hell – I agree with the grandma
9. Cabin Fever – …ocean
10. Saw – The series is too long!



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