New Captain America Trailer Features Tool's '46 & 2' - Bloody Disgusting!

New Captain America Trailer Features Tool’s ’46 & 2′

The new Captain America trailer came out yesterday and it makes heavy use of Tool‘s song 46 & 2 (off their album AEnima). However, I say that lightly because they butchered the song, making it impossible to even tap your foot to it. Go ahead, give it a try. I was watching the trailer trying to nod my head to the rhythm and I kept getting thrown off by jagged cuts and sharp edits. Yes, I realize that the main point of a trailer is seeing scenes from the movie. However, I feel that trailers, just like music, should have a flow to them and this proves that there wasn’t one. Am I wrong? I’m going to stick to my guns on this one. Check out the trailer after the jump and see for yourself. 

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