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Original: Six Super Creepy Lyrics

At Bloody Disgusting, it’s safe to say we’re used to “creepy”. And I would like to say I know what’s scary, and I don’t get the willies from just anything, but this music is creepy with a capital “C”, even to me. Read past the jump for six of the creepiest lyrics I’ve ever heard.


Billy Holiday – Strange Fruit
“Pastoral scene of the gallant south
The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth
Scent of magnolias, sweet and fresh
Then the sudden smell of burning flesh” 
Conjuring up images of of what seems to be the early American south, Holiday’s lyrics are simple yet hauntingly descriptive. They sear a picture into your mind, and it’s definitely not one of a beautiful southern belle or iced sweet tea. Basically, Southern hospitality turns into Southern brutality in this song by the famous singer.  
Tool – Sober
“There’s a shadow just behind me
Shrouding every step I take
Making every promise empty
Pointing every finger at me” 
Paranoid schizophrenia? I’d say so. Mental illnesses never really gave me the warm and fuzzies, and these lyrics aren’t much comfort, either. 
Genuflect – Slowlyfallingfaster 
“I’m in this dark theater, inside my head 
But then the hairs on my neck stand up in sudden dread
I feel someone else here, not me, not the clock 
Something more sinister, waiting, lurking in the dark 
It says, “I’m a God, I’m a devil,  I am death, and I may look harmless but I am poisonous.”
“I may hear, I may see, I may touch, I may breathe, 
and I may taste so good, but I am poisonous.”
This is one of the most haunting pieces of writing I’ve ever read, and the song that supports it is just as eerie. I highly suggest taking a listen to this masterpiece, performed by the far-too-underrated band, Genuflect, in its entirety. I can never listen to this song without getting goosebumps, and I love every minute of it.
Dr. Acula – Currently Sexting
“What I’ve become is what you’d never wanna see me be 
I live a life that’s full of filth disgrace and apathy 
I travel down a road that’s made and paved with this disease 
So I advise don’t waste your time and try to save me 
I am the perfect product of the wrong place and time 
I’d rather die than try to better my life 
There is nothing in everything, I see nothing in anyone.”
Emotionally provocative lyrics were never something I expected from grindcore effort Dr. Acula, but when I heard this song off their newest release, Slander, I was surprised to find myself not laughing, but shuddering at their lyrics. Reminiscent of a drug-induced downward spiral, this song is an ode to nihilism and emotional ruin, and to be honest, its not only creepy but depressing. The high-pitched, devilish screams which deliver the lyrics intensify the scary-factor of this tune, as well.
Bright Eyes – Poison Oak
“But me I’m a single cell 
On a serpents tongue 
There’s a muddy field where a garden was 
And I’m glad you got away 
But I’m still stuck out here 
My clothes are soaking wet 
From your brother’s tears”
I spent most of my middle school years listening to every Bright Eyes record on repeat, and out of the hundreds of lyrics I’ve memorized, these always come to mind when I think of Conor Oberst’s ability to both creep me out and baffle me. Although these lyrics don’t make much logical sense, something about them shakes the listener. Abstract and raw, they still manage to evoke a sense of the heebee-jeebee’s.
Tyler, The Creator – She
“Baby, you’re gorgeous.
I just wanna drag your lifeless body through the forest
And fornicate with it
But that’s cause I’m in love with you…cunt.” 
Hip-Hop powerhouse Tyler, The Creator, has become known for his explicit and provacative lyrics, and the stand-out track from his latest release, Goblin, is no exception. Although I personally feel that Tyler’s use of the some of the most twisted statements I’ve ever heard is part of his, um – charm – I still found these a bit disturbing. Rape, murder, and necrophilia are no surprise to most Odd Future fans, but even common fare for Tyler, the Creator, is downright creepy as shit. 



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