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Shannon Larkin Reviews ‘Hobo With A Shotgun’!

Godsmack drummer Shannon Larkin is not only a huge fan of horror, he’s a huge fan of Bloody-Disgusting. Not content with just reviewing Yellowbrickroad, Shannon is set to review even more movies for us. After the jump, you can check out Shannon’s review of the highly talked about film Hobo With A Shotgun. What classic or obscure horror film do you think Shannon should review next?


Hobo With A Shotgun – Shannon Larkin
 Yes! This film starts off brutal and keeps a great pace throughout. Plenty of blood and gore, with some really cool kills and characters. A homeless man (Rutger Hauer in a career defining performance) arrives in a rundown city that has been overtaken by a violent gang of thugs and killers led by the Godfather Drake (Brian Downey) and his two murderous sons.
 We follow the hobo around and witness all sorts of depraved violence happening on the streets around him. He finally snaps when he sees a prostitute about to be abducted by Drake’s sons, and opens up a can of whoop-ass on them, saving the hooker from ending up in a ditch. Well, of course the sons soon find him and teach him a lesson with a switchblade. Carved up pretty bad, he finds the hooker Abby (Molly Dunsworth) who takes him to her apartment and cleans him up, even letting him sleep in her pad. He leaves early the next morning and finds a guy he’d seen around who offers homeless people money to let him film them doing some nasty shit. So in a great scene, our hobo makes some hard earned dough and heads to the pawnshop in hopes of buying a lawnmower to start a lawn cutting business. As he’s caressing the mower, thugs roll into the pawnshop with masks on and stick the joint up. Now our hobo sees the shotgun on the wall (priced the same as the lawnmower), grabs it, and dispatches the thugs. He pays for the shotgun and heads to the streets to clean up the town, one shell at a time.

 As the news of our vigilante hobo spreads, the thug boss Drake puts all of the scum of the city on a mission to kill all homeless people. Chaos ensues, and we learn the police are corrupt and part of Drake’s gang too, so mobs of people are free to hunt down all the homeless and massacre them in creative and bloody ways. But our hero still has his shotgun, and he deals out some revenge on several bad guys and eludes capture from the angry mob with some help once again from Abby the hooker. 
 After failing to capture the hobo with the shotgun, Drake hires a tag team of two assassins called The Plague, who are like robots in their efficiency and manner. I won’t spoil the ending, but there is a massive boss fight/showdown between good and evil in a back alley that rocks!
 This movie is shot in a grindhouse kind of way (actually getting it’s start by way of a trailer contest for Rodriguez and Tarantino”s grindhouse films), with a  loose seventies feel to it that I really liked. It was fast and action packed with cringe inducing gore, decent acting and a cool script that I felt was pretty original and ironic. Even though I don’t know if this is a horror film (as it wasn’t scary, per se), there is still enough uber-violence (can you picture baseball bats covered in razor blades and school busses full of burning children) to warrant a spot on my horror shelf. Heads roll and explode, and naked women covered in blood laugh and torture!
 My hat is off to director Jason Eisener for making such a cool debut film. It’s got a nice saturated look that lends itself well with the story’s overall grittiness and hard as nails appeal. This flick is over the top and doesn’t pull any punches. Crack open some cold ones and get ready for some bloody fun.
4 out of 5 stars. Will definitely sit well in the collection.
Until the last time, Apocalypse!



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